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18 January 2008 @ 08:34 am
I am participating in the Maryland State Police Polar Bear Plunge next Saturday. All donations go to Special Olympics. if you would like to suuport me with a pledge please click here: 

Polar Bear Plunge Donation Page

10 January 2008 @ 04:04 pm
> Top Ten Reads of 2007

Dead Boyfriends , David Housewright
Shotgun Rule, Charlie Huston
Spud, John Van De Pruit
Chuck Klosterman IV, Chuck Klosterman
Heart Shaped Box, Joe Hill
13 Bullets, David Wellington
Echo Park, Michael Connelly
Gil's All Fright Diner, A Lee Martinez
No Dominion, Charlie Huston
You Suck, Chris Moore

> Honorable Mentions (up to 10)

Cloud of Unknowing, Thomas H Cook
The Game, Derek Armstrong
Masquerade, Melissa Delacruz
Rhapsody in Blood, John Morgan Wilson
Snitch, Allison Van Diepen

> Books You Dustbunnied

Mysteries of the Middle Ages, Thomas Chahill
Sammy's Hill, Kristin Gore

> Books You Didn't Dustbunny But Wish You Had


> The One Book You'd Most Recommend

Shotgun Rule, Charlie Huston

> The Absolute Worst Book You Read (and Finished)

Raven's Gate, Anthony Horowitz

> One Book You've Been Wanting To Read But Didn't Get To

Anything by Robin Hobb

> The Best New Author(s) You Discovered

John Van De Pruit

> The Number of Books Currently on Your Wishlist (if you
> keep one

Don't keep one

> The Most Recent Books You Bought (can be 2007 or 2008)


> The Book You're Currently Reading

Half the Blood of Brooklyn - Charlie Huston

> The Total Number of Books You Read in 2007


> Of Those, How Many Were Nonfiction? (you can ballpark
> this, a number or percentage if that easier)


> The Total Number of Pages You Read in 2007 (if you
> keep track

33524(not including a few unpaged graphic novels)
04 January 2008 @ 02:16 pm
Thought you might enjoy reading a friend of mine(and former coworker)'s blog:

Books to the Ceiling
21 December 2007 @ 01:07 pm
Too much stress anymore related to gifts, wrapping gifts, packing, etc. This is not what Christmas is supposed to be. I wish I could enjoy it once I got to KY, but when I get there it will turn from being Christmas to time spent at the hospital with Dawn's grandmother(which I completely understand). When we go to my family it will be about the fact that no one cares enough to drive the 40 miles to my brother's house on the 26th to see us. We've already drive over 600 miles, but are still expected to drive the extra 40 if we want to see my mom and sisters. I remember when Christmas used to be a happy time. I miss those days.

Oh well, maybe I can look at it as a break from work and get some enjoyment out of it.
12 December 2007 @ 03:16 pm
since I've written anything. Here's the highlights of life lately:

Won a bonus award at work for the Idol program. It's nice for the work to be recognized. Maybe now I can get an actual promotion.

Bradley had baby teeth pulled yesterday as the first step in his orthodontic adventure. Next comes all of the stuff leading up to braces.

Dawn's grandmother is in the hospital in ICU with internal bleeding of some kind. Dawn's flying out tomorrow for a quick visit just in case she doesn't make it until Christmas.

My family seems to be spending all of their time thinking of reasons they can't come to my brother's house on the 26th as we have every year for ages. I will do as I alwas do as the one traveling more than 40 miles and will tell them I will be at his house on the 26th and if they want to see us that's where they need to be as well.

Only 2 more books to go to hit 100 for the year. A tiny YA book slowed me down recently. Not nearly as good as I expected it to be. On deck, a graphic novel, The Eternals by Neil Gaiman.
21 November 2007 @ 12:10 pm
I hate shopping, but I have to start today to try to find something for Dawn for Christmas. She is not easy to buy for. She has no hobbies, doesn't read or watch a lot of movies or TV. All she does is work. Even when she is home and has free time, she pulls her work papers out. What do you buy someone who has everything they need and has no hobbies?

I also may end up at Circuit City early Friday morning to try to get a laptop. In return, I am supposed to be left alone all day tomorrow to do nothing but eat and watch football. We'll see if that actually happens.
16 November 2007 @ 10:43 am
Bradley used google as a verb yesterday for the first time that I've heard. He asked why hot dogs were called hot dogs and I told him I didn't know. He said he would just google it when he got home. I guess it won't be long before he googles everything instead of expecting me to know. That's sad.


Doing the family portrait thing tonight at church. I hate having my picture taken. I also now have to shave. I hate shaving. I usually can go at least Friday-Sunday w/o shaving. Sometimes Thursday-Sunday. Now I have to shave on a Friday afternoon. I'm not sure the portrait is worth it.


Will have a long weekend of Drill Sergeant Dawn with her parent arriving on Sunday. Everything will have to be spotless before they arrive. Luckily, I have yard work that needs to be done, so I can spend the day out there with my music.


Saw Enchanted and Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium this week. Enchanted is very good. Mr Magorium is OK, but not worth theater prices. I'm torn now on which movie to see over Christmas, Sweeney Todd or I am Legend.
14 November 2007 @ 02:47 pm
We are going to a free movie preview tonight and tomorrow night. Tonight we see Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Tomorrow we see Enchanted. I love free movies.

I am so ready for next week. No getting the kids up and ready for school before work. A 3 day work week. A lot of food and football. Just what I need.
09 November 2007 @ 09:10 am
My brother just received a copy of an email from St. Catherine's college to my niece's soccer coach. They had people at one of their games and sent him a list of players they are interested in recruiting. My niece was on the list.